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"The teachers I have experienced at Little Peace have been really exceptional".

Moira is a 50-something-year old researcher who love Michelles morning vinyasa. Having lived in many big cities, and at times struggled with yogastudios being too far away from home and work, she felt the yoga fairy had made her wish come true, when Little Peace opened right outside her new home in Stockholm!

Hi Moira! Where and when did your yoga journey begin?

I am a bit embarrassed to realize that the first time I contemplated trying yoga was in the late 1990’s when Madonna was embracing the yoga lifestyle and showing off her well-toned arms! But hanks to Madge’s passion for ashtanga, I signed up at a new ashtanga yoga centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. This small yoga community was attracting teachers and pupils from all over. They were an exotic bunch, with dreadlocks and tales of months in Indian ashrams. I was intrigued and attended many weekly beginner classes for a long, long time. However, I was incredibly inflexible. Whatever, I kinda enjoyed it and I persisted with it.

Nevertheless, I did notice that with attending class just once a week and not completing the postures ‘correctly’, I was able to completely rid myself of the lower back pain that I used to have.