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Our Gong & Relax is now changing name to Soundbath. We welcome you to a sweet set of fridays this spring. Once a month we will meet for these special fridays where gong, bowls and all sorts of instruments and tunes will vibrate your body while you rest.

Matuesz is back with his sound sessions! A soundbath or "to rest in vibrations" is a wonderful and effective way to reach a deep state of rest. This is an ancient method, common in many different cultures, as a way to reach a different state. This is now becoming more popular in modern big cities. Perhaps r because you basically show up as you are. You don´t even have to change your clothes. And the vibrations do the work. Mateusz work with gong, tibetan singing bowls, flutes and other instruments. Different tunes and vibrations work on the fluids in the body. When they start to vibrate the nervous system quickly responds and calm itself down. Welcome dressed in loose fitting clothes. You will be tucked in blankets and covers. If you fall asleep the sound waves will do its job and you wake up as a new person!

DATE: 21/1, 18/2, 18/3, 22/4 and 20/5  (YOU CAN CHOOSE DATE IN THE BOOKING)

TIME: 19.00–20.30

TEACHER: MATEUSZ KRAWIEC and sometimes with special guests.