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Welcome to 9 friday gatherings with highly appreciated teacher Caroline Westling. These classes are for you who want to gain a deeper understanding about anatomy and asanas, about your individual needs, philosophy as well as if you are teaching yoga to others. You will learn what words you use as a yoga teacher and what they actually mean. You will look deeper into self development through different philosophical texts. These classes are for you who simply want to develop as a yoga practicioner and/or teacher. 


TO NURTURE YOUR PRACTICE and grow as a student or teacher it can be helpful to have the support of a community. A forum where you meet around joint practices, discussions and where you can receive individual support. For this purpose, caroline have created a series of Master classes. These classes help you develop a greater understanding of the practice of yoga, teaching, your individual needs and also how to apply what you have learned to your students. Caroline hope to create a place where we can learn and grow together.


For whom?

These classes are for those of you who want to develop your practice and deepen your knowledge of yoga, how to practice according to your individual needs, or/and develop your teaching. It is for individuals who are looking for a space to share thoughts and discuss the practice of yoga and life with others. You don´t have to be a yoga teacher to attend, although at times the classes will be adressed to those who teaches. However, there is a lot to understand about this even if you are not a teacher yourself. 

“To practice and share yoga is a great privilege

which I truly honor and respect.” – Caroline Westling

Topics that we will cover in this series of Master Classes are:




·  Understanding that we are all different

·  Reading and understanding bodies

·  Alignment

·  Risks

·  Students’ tendencies

·  Component parts of asana

We start off the series with 3 classes focusing on Asana. Each class will be theme-based. We will focus on a specific group of asanas and how you build from the foundation up and make asanas accessible. We will also learn how to practice high-risk poses safely and with ease through the use of props and proper alignment according to your body. We will work in pairs so you can train your eye to be sensitive to understanding different bodies and tendencies through the practice of hands-on adjustments.


Fridays 09.00–11.30

23 Feb - Neutral poses

8 Mars - Externally rotated poses, Inversions & Arm balances

22 Mars - Back bending poses

NOTE: These classes can be booked separately 





·  Your words have value

·  Building vocabulary

·  Teaching

·  What makes a great teacher?

We start with an asana class according to the topic of the class, and end with a lecture and discussion where you will receive practical tools on how you enhance your teaching. These classes are designed to help you become a more skillful teacher for both beginning and experienced students of yoga.


Building vocabulary

Your words have value


What makes a great teacher?


Fridays 09.00–11.30

19 April

3 Maj

17 Maj




· We will look at different schools of Philosophy

· Focus on virtue.

·  How to live a good life.

· How to be a good person.

We end the series with the internal practice of Yoga.

This last serie will focus on philosophy and the importance of an internal practice.


Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence. Studying philosophy helps you think clearly, carefully and logically, and develop the ability to integrate and assess new and unfamiliar ideas and information. It also encourages you to seek new and better answers to old problems.


We will look at different philosophical texts.

How do we live a good life?

The Bhagavad Gita

Knowledge-Is it possible?


Fridays 09.00–11.30

6 Sep

20 Sep

4 Oct



Educator in Philosophy, Yoga & Meditation


With 20 years of experience teaching yoga, philosophy, and meditation, Caroline Westling is a well-recognized and beloved teacher. She has taught and trained future yoga teachers in many countries. In her home country of Sweden, Caroline has served as a specialized guest teacher in various teacher trainings, given public lectures and taught yoga in schools, prisons and senior centers.


Caroline is known for her authenticity, the structure of classes, always having a clear reason why she teaches sequences in a particular way, and for her keen ability to teach students individually while in a group and understand their unique needs. With an eye for reading and understanding energy and bodies, Caroline adjusts her teaching according to the students’ needs, making the practice uniquely suited for each student. She uses that approach for the asana teaching as well as students’ internal practice. She is genuinely curious about people and their thoughts, and the discussions she leads regarding yoga, philosophy and life are based on each student’s understanding.



Caroline’s yoga path began when she was a young girl with a deep interest in philosophy and the meaning of life. She was strongly influenced by her grandmother who shared the same interests and practiced yoga during Caroline’s youth. With her grandmother as an example, Caroline started practicing Hatha Yoga and maintained an individual practice for many years. She completed her first two-year teacher training in the Ashtanga yoga tradition, where she met her first Indian teacher, Sashikala Ananth, a student of Krishimacharya.


Caroline studied with Sashikala Ananth in Sweden and India. Caroline studied with several other teachers, many of whom were Iyengar teachers, and Iyengar is a tradition that strongly influences Caroline’s teaching today. However, it was in her teacher training at Yoga Works in 2006 that Caroline fell in love with sequencing and supportive alignment.


From there, Caroline went on to practice and study with Maty Ezraty, the founder of Yoga Works, who became her teacher and mentor. Caroline continued to study with Maty every year until her passing. Caroline’s early interest in philosophy is an integral part of her teaching. She has delved deeply into the study of Indian and yogic philosophy in India and Sweden, as well as Western philosophy, the history of philosophy, political and social philosophy and ethics at Linkoping’s University in Sweden


ASANA 23/2, 8/3 & 22/3 

TEACHING 19/4, 3/5 & 17/5 

PHILOSOPHY 6/9, 20/9 & 4/10


Fridays 09.00–11.30

PRICE: 4.900 KR for all 9 dates / 1.800 for a serie of 3 dates.

ASANA-classes can also be booked seperately, 699 kr / class


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