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An Ayurvedic Yoga Consultation with Govind focuses on you as a complete being. It is about your mental, physical and emotional condition and wellbeing – including how this relates to your familial and personal relationships. Govind’s guidance relies on ayurvedic and yogic principles that complement and strengthen each other. Govind helps you to learn and understand more about yourself and provides you with tips and tools that you can implement immediately in your everyday life. Tools that will help you create more harmony and balance in body and mind.

An Ayurvedic Yoga Consultation takes into consideration the complete state of your mental, physical and emotional health and background. Even if the focus is on your present state, understanding and working on past traumas is part of this process. From the perspective of yoga and Ayurveda, these aspects of health, present and past, are directly correlated.

The consultation includes three elements:

  • Holistic health assessment of your body-mind constitution, family relations and life situation

  • Guidance for ayurvedic practices according to your body-mind constitution and condition

  • Guidance for asanas and spiritual practices to balance your personality and life situation


The health assessment is a deeper talk where Govind investigates your current physical, emotional and mental health. In this context questions relating to personal and familial relations may come up. Govind combines his knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda, astrology and palmistry and uses his insights to offer a personalized set of recommendations for your needs. The recommendations include 

  • Guidance for asanas

  • Ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle advice

  • Guidance with yogic psychology and spiritual practices 


Want to come with your partner and particularly talk about your relationship?

If you have not seen Govind before – please book 2 sessions after each other, or as close as it is possible so Govind can first consult you both individually. The last 20 mins he will talk to you together. 

If one of you have seen Govind before, you book one session, and the partner can come in the last 20 minutes. 


If you can't make it there in person?

For those who wish, it is also possible to take the session on Zoom. Just choose the option "Online" as you register.



Govind’s mission is to share awareness about the deeper paths of yoga and to exemplify that practising yoga and meditation with the right attitude, wisdom and awareness will make you enter deeper states of consciousness. Govind is an Indian yoga master who has taught spiritual yoga and meditation in India and Europe since his spiritual awakening as a teenager. He is known for his compassionate way of sharing spiritual knowledge from the ancient Indian path of yoga. Govind is known for mixing his life wisdom with humour and for bridging the cultural differences between east and west.

PRICE: 1.650 SEK (5O min session)

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