An Ayurvedic Yoga Consultation takes into consideration the complete state of your mental, physical and emotional health and background. Even if the focus is on your present state, understanding and working on past traumas is part of this process. From the perspective of yoga and Ayurveda, these aspects of health, present and past, are directly correlated.


The consultation includes three elements:

• Holistic health assessment of your body-mind constitution, family relations and life situation

• Guidance for ayurvedic practices according to your body-mind constitution and condition

• Guidance for asanas and spiritual practices to balance your personality and life situation

The health assessment is a deeper talk where Govind investigates your current physical, emotional and mental health. In this context questions relating to personal and familial relations may come up. Govind combines his knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda, astrology and palmistry and uses his insights to offer a personalized set of recommendations for your needs. The recommendations include 

• Guidance for asanas

• Ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle advice

• Guidance with yogic psychology and spiritual practices 


Time: 60 mins.




Boka din tid är:
  • Viktig information / Important information

    OBSERVERA att ALLA sessioner ges på 2Home Hotel på Råsundavägen 175 ca 5 min prommenad från Little Peace. (Vid Gränstorget mellan Solna/Sundbyberg). Personalen i receptionen kommer guida dig till Govinds rum. 

    Avgiften är bindande och går endast att få i retur mot uppvisande av läkarintyg. Däremot kan din session överlåtas till någon annan.

    PLEASE NOTE wich address your session is being held at.

    All sessions are held at 2Home Hotel at Råsundavägen 175,  5 mins walk from Little Peace. The staff in the reception will help you to Govinds room. 

    The fee is not refundable, unless you are ill and have a docors note. You can let your session to someone else if you can not show up. 

Lokah Samasta Sukhinu Bhavantu

May all beings everywhere be happy and free. May my thoughts, words and

actions somehow contribute to that freedom and happiness for all.