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Inversions can evoke different feelings for us. Some of us are exited and triggered to learn more and some of us feel overwhelmed and even fearful. A common misunderstanding when turning the body upside down, is that it is all about upper body strength. But more so, we can use bandhas (inner locks) and breath to move into these postures with more ease and steadiness.

Alexandra Born will take you into a a workshop where you find your inner foundation. This workshop is suitable for anyone curious about how to use the bandhas and breath, to find more inner stability. You don´t need to feel ready for an inversion, but if you do, this workshop will provide you with what is needed.

ALEXANDRA EXPLAINS In this workshop we will learn the foundation of breathing as we do in yoga - learning how movement, breath and bandhas are connected - and why they are so valuable for our yoga asana practice. We will move into a typical Jivamukti yoga practice with warm up, sun salutations and building the foundation of our muscular strength in order to learn and understand how to support our body into inversions - including breath and bandhas. The inversion asanas we will focus on are: Handstand, forearm stand and headstand. From my own practice, I have learned how it is all connected and that we need to integrate all the "special ingredients". Warm welcome to this rewarding workshop.

​ABOUT ALEXANDRA Powermom of 2, Sweden freak, always in love with Paris, polyglotte, born in Romania, grew up in Germany, lived in Canada and in Paris, ending up in the country side in Sweden, never thinking of ever becoming a yoga teacher. As I grew up bilingually with 2 different cultures, I always felt that kindness, opennes and honesty is connecting people in a soft way. While living in Munich, Germany, I went to my first Jivamukti yoga class and it was love at first AUM, wow, what a powerful tool. After my Teacher Training in upstate New York in 2010, I went to dive deeper - and studied with my mentor in Germany for a 4 month long Jivamukit apprencitceship.

Ever since moving to Stockholm in 2010, I share yoga the way I practice it on the mat. Yoga gives us clarity, releases any tension and emotional stress, refills us with hope, belief and trust - trust, belief and hope towards ourselves that we can master our lives with everything and everyone in it.

TEACHER Alexandra Born


TID: 14.00–16.30