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30-31 OF OCT

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Our dear friend Sky  lost his voice so we have postponed the workshop one week, to the 30-31st of oct. We are happy to welcome him back with his sweet way of sharing yoga. Autumn brings in a renewed focus for routines and practices. These 3 classes bring Qi Gong, Mantras, Yoga Asanas and Ayurvedic wisdom together harmoniously and easily for all body types and ages. 


A Sama Yoga Classic

In this class we will be smoothly moving our spine and breath, gracefully opening the whole body. Hatha and Kundalini poses put into Tai Chi rhythms, then landing in the poses with kind words for what’s given. Mantras appearing and empowering the support and comfort of a strong friend. You’ll enjoy it!  I know I will. 



Weaving Qi Gong and Yoga 

See how beautifully the power and gentleness of Qi gong compliments the classical flexibility and stability of Yoga.  Learn how to cultivate a strong, grounded and open feeling body.  Be inspired for your health and wellbeing. 


Sunday Evening

A Sunday Night Special

There is something about Sunday Evening. A mood that allows one to sink into life more deeply, it feels like a good time to stretch and dream.  To float with music and the tune of your own heartbeat, soothed by the slow Yoga rhythms. This will be a class to recover energy and be rested and inspired for the days to come. 

About Sky

"For 30 years my life has been dedicated to yoga practice and understanding.  The best part of the journey has been teaching and sharing the jewels of yoga with others."  Sky has spent his last 30 years studying Vedanta and is the founder of Samayoga. Don’t miss out on this very sweet teacher who shares yoga with humor, warmth and depth. 


Want to get to know Sky a little better? Listen to his story in our podcast Little Peace Talk.

WHEN: SATURDAY 30/10 15:00–17:30

                SUNDAY 31/10 12:00–14:30

                SUNDAY 31/10 19:00–21:30